Do You Want to Learn Skills in Designing and Managing Solution Architecture and Infrastructure? Go for Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification!


The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam is aimed at validating the candidates’ ability to leverage Google Cloud technologies for the organization’s process. Those individuals who possess the credential it grants prove that they are capable of designing, developing, and managing dynamic solutions that foster business goals.

Nowadays, the companies are always looking for those specialists who are capable of building robust, secure, scalable, and highly available solutions. As a result, they strive to work with those individuals who possess this badge because they prove that they are capable of doing so. If you are planning to take the prerequisite test, keep reading this article to learn more about the exam for the professional Cloud architects.

Google Professional Cloud Architect exam features

Typically, the applicants do not have any special prerequisites prior to taking the test. However, it is recommended that they have at least 3 years of industrial experience with more than a year spent in the design and management of solutions using Google Cloud.


This Certbolt Google exam is available in two languages, which are English and Japanese. The test can be taken both online or onsite for $200. In the case of an online proctored delivery, you can schedule to pass it any time and from any remote location. However, you need to meet some system requirements, such as stable Internet connection and a webcam on your computer. On the other hand, an onsite-proctored option requires that you visit a testing center near you. Whether you choose one option or another, you have a total of two hours within which you must answer all the questions. The exam questions follow the multiple selection and multiple‑choice formats.

The topics covered in the certification exam include the following:

  • Design and plan Cloud solution architecture;
  • Manage and provide solution infrastructure;
  • Design for security and compliance;
  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes;
  • Manage implementation;
  • Maintain the solution’s reliability.

Each of these domains further explores the subtopics in great detail. You need to conduct thorough research and have a mastery of them before scheduling your exam.

Unlike most IT certificates, Google does not assign weight to the exam topics. This means that the questions can be sourced from any section as per the examiner’s discretion. With such an approach, it may prove a bit challenging to entirely depend on braindumps. However, practice tests still turn out to be very helpful.


Google Professional Cloud Architect exam prep resources

Google provides all the interested candidates with detailed guides for its certification exams. The one for the Google Professional Cloud Architect test contains a list of topics that are likely to be measured in it. Going through this guide gives you an idea of what to expect.

It is important to understand that the exam may evaluate your knowledge of fictitious businesses. You may want to review several case studies as provided by Google. It is also vital to have a look at practice tests and exam dumps. These give you an overview of how questions are framed and the best approaches to answering them.

Final words

Getting ready for the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification test does not require rocket science. If you ace all the topics with the help of reliable study materials to have a strong grasp of the exam content, you have nothing to worry about excelling.

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